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Medical And Financial Assistance

Medical and Dental Mission in Orani Bataan November 25, 2010

Medical Assistance

Dave Bancal
The foundation has extended financial assistance to cover surgical expenses for some seriously ill beneficiaries.

One of such beneficiaries is ten-year old Dave Bancal of Cavite. The second of three children of Danilo and Mary, Dave suffered from a congenital heart defect known as Tetralogy of Fallot, which can cause less blood flowing to the lungs, mixing of oxygen-rich (red) and oxygen-poor (blue) blood inside the heart, and low levels of oxygen in the blood. When oxygen levels are low, the baby’s skin, fingertips, or lips have a bluish tint. An infant with these symptoms is commonly called a “blue baby.”

Every infant or child with tetralogy of Fallot needs surgery, usually within the first year of life. But Dave’s family could not afford the cost of the needed surgery and Dave had to spend the first nine years of his life constantly feeling weak. His mobility was very limited, and his father had to carry him to and from school.

His condition was brought to the attention of the Villar SIPAG, which provided the finances required for the heart surgery that he badly needed. Dave underwent heart surgery at the Philippine Heart Center in April 2010 and has since been in good health.