What We Do

Sagip OFW / OFW Repatriation

Summary of Assistance provided by the Sagip-OFW Helpline as of January 25, 2012
OFWs Repatriated (*non funded)17641582124689
  (**Funded by MBV)901212818 257
Remains2126122 61
Total Repatriated2875621223241007
Other Assistance
Fare – Transpo. Assistance (repatriated OFWs)9021329371370
Medical Assistance51 6
Legal Assistance5627 83
Financial Assistance425135166
Scholarship Grant   1 1
Livelihood6322 40
Total of Other Assistance Provided100331321012566
Total (Repatriated + Other Assistance)38789315413361573

* air fare not provided by MBV
** refer for next sheet (Funded by MBV) for details of repatriation

As of January 25, 2012 we have endorsed cases to DFA, OWWA, POEA and Post Abroad10267

Repatriated thru MBV’s fund: as of January 25, 2012

Date of RepatriationCountry of OriginNo. Of OFW RepatriatedRemarks
April 20, 2008Jordan11
April 24, 2008Abu Dhabi5
August 17, 2008Jordan5
August 20, 2008Jordan14
September 22, 2008Jordan24
September 30, 2008Bahrain1
November 26, 2008Abu Dhabi30
February 19, 2009Riyadh, KSA33
August 26, 2009Jordan54Mass Repatriation
Dammam16Mass Repatriation
Riyadh, KSA1Mass Repatriation
Jeddah4Mass Repatriation
Oman3Mass Repatriation
Syria10Mass Repatriation
May 18, 2010UAE1
November 12, 2010Malaysia265 minors
November 19, 2010Malaysia1 
April 7, 2011Dubai, UAE15 
April 14, 2011Dubai, UAE3 
Total 257